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Community Outreach

Do you need space to hold an event, house an office, hold a class?  Go to the “Contact Us” page and ask us about the availability of our building.

Join us every third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm for a community meal.  All food will be provided.  All are invited.

Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30 am for Coffee and Conversation.  This is an informal time open to all with a special invitation to our community neighbors to join in a time of coffee, treats, and conversation around small tables.  Treats and coffee provided at no cost.  At 10:15 am we will move to an informal time of community sharing, singing, and reflection.  Come for Coffee and Conversation and stay or leave at 10:15 as you are comfortable.

Ecology Tips:

The Colorado legislature has recently been debating a bill to give more local control when it comes to fracking and other extraction/mining. This is truly a justice issue since these dangerous and toxic practices disproportionately impact people of color and poverty. For example, 24 fracking pads are slated to go in next to a school whose students are 87% people of color, increasing their changes of getting leukemia by 800%. As followers of Jesus, we need to advocate for the earth and for others whose lives are impacted.

Colorado’s new governor, Jared Polis, campaigned on the promise of powering the state with 100% renewable energy by 2040. This is a lofty but achievable goal and one of the many steps needed in the next few years to conserve our earth, God’s creation. Encourage Polis and other elected officials to follow through. On an individual basis, increase your home’s efficiency and use of wind or solar power.

Did you know that most receipts, like the kind you get at the grocery store, are not recyclable or compostable? The reason is that most receipt paper is coated with BPA or BPS, which are endocrine disrupters and so it must go into the landfill. Encourage local stores to purchase receipt tape that isn’t coated, or join Green America’s Skip the Slip campaign and avoid having your receipt printed.

At this time of year we often see the effects of drought in the west and other parts of the world. So many entities compete for the little water that is available. “Last Call at the Oasis” is a great documentary which begins memorably with a view of Las Vegas, a city in the desert with numerous golf courses and fountains. This film describes much our water crisis, but ends in hope: If we all support and lobby for better water policy and do our part in conserving, there will be water for all.

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